30 October 2019 17:15 - 17:30
Oral Presentations X
2018 Nazmi Özer Award Recipient Presentation
Molecular demultiplexer as a terminator automaton


Dr. Gunaydin graduated from Antalya Yusuf Ziya Oner Science High School. He obtained his MD degree from Hacettepe University School of Medicine. Dr. Gunaydin received his PhD degree in Tumor Biology and Immunology as part of the Hacettepe University School of Medicine MD-PhD Combined Degree Program. Dr. Gunaydin carried out research studies at Johns Hopkins University Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center, University of Goettingen School of Medicine and Yale University School of Medicine.

Dr. Gunaydin received Turkiye Kanserle Savas Vakfi Prof. Dr. Ali Haydar Taspinar Award in 2013 and European School of Oncology Fellowship Award in 2009.

His main research areas are tumor immunology, tumor microenvironment, cancer immunotherapy and cancer metabolism.

Congress Venue

Papillon Zeugma Convention Centre, Belek Antalya - TURKEY

October 27-31, 2019