28 October 2019 14:00-14:45
Plenary Lecture
Harmonisation in clinical laboratories and the harmonisation activities of EFLM

Sverre Sandberg is director of the Norwegian Quality Improvement Laboratory examinations (NOKLUS) (www.noklus.no and www.skup.nu), director of the Norwegian Porphyria Centre (NAPOS) (www.napos.no), and is a professor at the University of Bergen.

He was the first chair of the Committee on Evidence-Based Laboratory Medicine and chair of The Global Campaign of Diabetes Mellitus in IFCC. Since 2000 he has been a board member of EPNET (European Porphyria Network). From 2018 he is the president of the EPNET association. From 2012 -2014 he was president of the European Organization for External Quality Assurance Providers in Laboratory Medicine (EQALM). From 2009 – 2013 he was chair of the Scientific Committee in EFLM, from 2014-2015 vice president and from 2016-18 president of EFLM. He has more than 300 papers in international peer reviewed journals and has given international lectures in his fields of interest: porphyria, photobiology, evidence-based laboratory medicine, quality improvement of point of care instruments, biological variation, performance specifications.

Congress Venue

Papillon Zeugma Convention Centre, Belek Antalya - TURKEY

October 27-31, 2019