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Scientific manuscripts can be written in solitude, but it is commonly more productive and more likely to result in better quality if several persons collaborate. The present course builds on this premise and on the understanding that mentored learning through an intensive work of the participants themselves is the most effective method of learning.

The present 48 hours EFLM course in the writing of scientific manuscripts rests on four pillars:

  1. The task of turning a scientific study with resulting data that the participants get from the outset into a manuscript written in English as when intended for publication in an international scientific journal
  2. The participants work closely together in groups of 5-8 persons chosen by the mentors. The group work is performed in the participants own mother tongue whereas the communication of the group with the mentors and in the written parts of manuscript will be in English.
  3. The individual participants are expected to take and maintain the initiative during the entire course in creating and maintaining a fruitful working relation in the groups and in utilizing their own knowledge and skills and those of the two mentors optimally for finishing the task of the group in a fruitful and timely manner.
  4. The two mentors will have brief introductory lectures and subsequently rotate amongst the groups for advice on request of the members of the groups and for making short (about 20 min) presentations.

The tasks of the participants

  • Maintaining an open mind regarding the knowledge and skills of all other members of the group
  • Contributing all the relevant knowledge and skills of the participants towards the common goals of the group

Please click here to download the working source of the data 

Group and/or individual mentoring at the request of groups and individuals

Introductory lectures of about 20 minutes each

Day 1

·         The study and data that makeup the data for the current manuscript

·         The Material and methods part of the manuscript

·         The Results part of the manuscript

·         The Introduction part of the manuscript

Day 2

·         The Discussion part of the manuscript

·         The Title, index words and Abstract parts of the manuscript


Time planning




Day 1


The participants present themselves



Introductory lectures



Work in groups – Material and methods, Results



Lunch & Coffee



Work in groups - Material and methods, Results






Lecture - The Introduction part of the manuscript



Work in groups – The introduction part of the manuscript



The groups present and discuss their work
Send the Word files of the manuscript parts to Elvar & Sverre




Day 2


Questions and answers



Work in groups – The Discussion



Work in groups – Title, Abstract and Keywords



Lunch & Coffee



The groups present and discuss their work
Send the Word files of the manuscript parts to Elvar & Sverre



Evaluation of the course + suggestions for improvements



Congress Venue

Papillon Zeugma Convention Centre, Belek Antalya - TURKEY

October 27-31, 2019